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Full Body Massage


Full Body Massage is best suited when done with proper care .It not only relaxes the body help in relieving stress.

A Full Body Massage is one of the most commonly applied techniques for therapy, and many of those who have tried it claim that it is balancing and relaxing to the entire body and it leave one feeling both physically and mentally soothed. A Full Body Massage is a technique of specific stroking, pressing, and kneading of different areas of the body in order to relive pain, stimulate and tone, as well as relax the body itself.

Make sure to have the entire necessary supplies ready before you make the receiver lay for massage; these are items such as hand towels and massage oils, for instance. Lubricants such as massage oils are especially important, as these are applied during the massage and help to allow for a smooth glide of your hands across the client's body.

Asian massages are not only useful in treating many ailments but also help in relaxing and refreshing. These include Thai Massage, Shiatsu Massage, Chinese Tui Na massage and Javanese Massage.

For ages, India and the Far East are famous for wonderful massage techniques. Asian Massages are still very popular both for relaxation and as well as for therapy around the globe.

This is the type of massage that every-one thinks about when they envision a “massage”. This form of massage was introduced in 1812 in Stockholm and consists of long, firm, gliding strokes, kneading of the muscles, and vibrational taps to release tension. All physical movements during the massage are applied in the direction of the heart to encourage blood circulation and disposal of bodily waste.